Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Canada-US border

It's funny what can happen when you miss a turn. A few weeks back, I had to head down to Osoyoos for a structure fire. Osoyoos is a small town near the US border and I had been maybe one other time but I wasn't too familiar with it.

My cameraman and I were driving on the main highway (there really is only one main highway in this part of BC) and we were looking for 12th Street. I was looking around for it but then it suddenly came up and we missed it. Not a big deal right? We figured we would just take the next turn and head back. But lo and behold! Who figured the next turn would be the border crossing?!

It was pretty hilarious, especially considering that I didn't have my passport. We had to pull a U-turn right before the crossing and then headed back up the block to where the structure fire was. I can't believe I was so close, so close!! So close yet so far because customs doesn't like me. It's so funny that there is this imaginary line that separates the two countries yet there is such a divide because of that crossing and the customs agent. It was such a wonderful, random surprise! It totally made my day :)

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