Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking around Calgary

I had been forewarned Calgary is freaking cold! But fortunately for me, there was a chinook while we were there so I didn't face -40C temps, it was more like 0C. Yeah for me!

My second day there kicked off with lots of walking around. I think after Kelowna, I was just stoked to be back in a city with actual skyscrapers, with busy roads, with a public transportation, etc. I loved being able to walk everywhere and take the bus or the C-train to get around. I think I just miss proper city life sometimes.

That's besides the point right now however! I went to Stephen Avenue Walk, which is supposed to be the historic part of Calgary. I suppose historic really just means some cobblestones and old-ish looking buildings. But the reality is this was where the shopping was. My friend I walked into what we thought was one store but lo and behold! Calgary is connected by a tunnel system because sometimes it does get that cold where you don't want to go outside and be exposed to the elements. And what do they line these tunnels with? Shops. Thank you Calgary!

Here are a few snapshots of my meandering around Calgary:

The Chinook Centre - ah-mah-zing mall! I didn't have much time here but oh if I did, I would give that 5% HST a run for its money.

The Stampede! Hopefully I'll get a chance to go this year.

17th Avenue - a cute area with lots of nice boutiques and restaurants

Inglewood - When I first heard about Inglewood, I couldn't help but think about LA's Inglewood...which you don't really go to if you don't have to. But this Inglewood is more about antique shops and boho stores.

Looking towards downtown Calgary

And that's a C-train speeding past me

Wait, you don't have dinosaur skeletons at your mall? Weird.

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