Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vancouver food beware

I think it's pretty obvious I like to eat. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love everything about food. When my sister came to visit me, we started our trip off in Vancouver. I had been to Vancouver a couple times already and not to say I've seen everything, but I really just wanted to eat while I was there. Kelowna isn't a bustling food city so I needed to take advantage and boy did we.

The Eatery is a Japanese sushi pub near UBC. It's clearly a student place but the sushi rolls were so much fun! They had sweet names and were pretty creative.

Yum! I know it's not natural sushi by any means but it was so good! We were perhaps super hungry by this point but they were still really tasty.

What are the chances we get off the bus and see La Taquiera? It was on my list of restaurants to try in Vancouver. They had a list of tacos on their blackboard and they had specials on the side. While the specials looked good, I couldn't resist the ones on the blackboard.

I believe we had fish tacos and then I had a beef cheek taco and one with beef in a chocolate mole sauce. So yummy!

Muira Waffle House sells savoury and seet (wait for it) waffle sandwiches!

We got a traditional breakfast sandwich with eggs and ham but their Asian inspired waffle sandwiches are so much better! This is a bulgogi waffle sandwich. Not only is there bulgogi in between the waffles, there is bulgogi IN the waffle! The savoury balanced out the sweetness of the waffle. I would kill to have another one!

Afghan Horseman was supposedly the first Afghani restaurant in all of Canada. The restaurant was fairly small but was pretty packed while we were there.

I got this awesome dish with lamb and curried cauliflower, spinach, potatoes and this sweet rice that had carrots and raisins on top. It was very flavourful and very colourful and so good!

This was our appetizer at the Afghan Horsemen. It was similar to a Chinese onion pancake but substitute potato inside and then add a yogurt on top. Pretty yummy.

Grounds for Coffee is a cafe close to UBC. They have these super gooey and chewy cinnamon buns. My cinnamon bun was a little too cinnamon-y while my sister's was not cinnamon-y enough, however I still give them major props for making cinnamon buns with a crisp exterior. Usually I find cinnamon buns too soft but this one had character!

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  1. food in vancouver looks amazing!!!! the afghani food looked quite appetizing, as did the sushi! I must go on sao paulo food adventures now too! =)


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